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Friend Problems

Hey guys, update on my life…

So like, I had this friend, let’s say her name is EXAMPLE. So EXAMPLE and I were like, BFFs, we did EVERYTHING together.

One day, at recess, EXAMPLE was telling me about her latest badminton tournament. It was really sunny, so I ducked into the shade. Apparently that was the wrong move, because she ran away. Started ignoring me from then on.

It was pretty awkward the first day of school. We weren’t death glaring each other, but not warm smiles either.

At least we’re in different classes.

I think its better that we’re not friends anymore, because EXAMPLE was really…not mean, not awesome either.

She like, WORSHIPPED recess, and wouldn’t let me join any clubs/bands, etc.

I joined Jazz Band, but she forced me to quit because practice was Tuesday lunch recess. But back in June, I heard her saying to my friend “Next year let;s join Jazz Band!!”

She was also really…I don’t know how to say it. Protective? Possesive? Anyways, for example, she draws a cat. You draw a cat. She’ll start getting all mad and saying you don’t have an idea in your head, and that you totally copied her.

Once we were designing a dream bedroom. I never saw her paper, and I drew an L-desk, a bunk bed, and designed the walls to be a pretty blue color. I had three bookshelves, a fish tank, and a huge window.

She also drew a bunk bed, a large window, and blue walls. But she said I copied her. And most of the time, when we collab or something, she keeps saying I steal her ideas.

In Grade 6, we were working together on a French project. We had to write a script, one of us is an interviewer and the other, a celebrity. I got up and grabbed a sheet of lined paper. Right after I got it, she got up and got one too. Then she came back and said, “WOW. You got it too?” with a long face, a frown, and an extremely low, grumpy voice. Do you guys think I did anything wrong? I stood up and got a sheet of lined paper.

Another time, we were standing outside, with my other friend. We were eating tangerines, and when I finished, I threw out my peel into the garbage can. I come back, and EXAMPLE is still eating. She looks up, “WOW. You can’t be nice enough to even throw out mine?!” She said it like I was her servant. We were standing less than 2 meters from the garbage can. And she wasn’t even finished yet.

Do you guys know KLUTZ books? Click here for their website. KLUTZ makes cool craft books, my personal favorites are Clay Charms and PomPom Monster Salon. They also had an “Encyclopedia of Immaturity” which is like a book with activities and experiments in it. I said I really wanted to buy the book, but instead of even a simple “cool,” I got “You’re immature, icyblue.” Which hurt, because she said it with THAT TONE. And I thought she was my friend.

I also figure skate, and I use a ZUCA bag to carry my equipment. They are pretty expensive, $150 – $300 each, so I was really hyped to get one. I was telling EXAMPLE which design I liked the most, and she began ranting about how ZUCA bags were “immature, stupid, a waste of time and money, and that I was an idiot for wanting one.” I listen to her when she’s blabbing on and on about her new badminton racket or whatever…

Over the summer she spent her time online, spreading things about me. Apparently I am mean, and immature.  “She’s like a switch, always turning me hostile to you guys. I’m so sorry I was ever mean to you guys, icyblue forced me to!” Remember the girl who was eating tangerines with us? We three were the best of friends in Grade 5, but EXAMPLE began hating on her because she was fat. The quote from above, she sent it to that girl. That girl hen forwarded the email to me. The email also said “I’ve been under a ton of pressure since I’ve been icyblue’s friend” If that were the case, why hang out, give me presents, play with me, for over 4 years?

EXAMPLE wasn’t one bit nice to me in Grade 4. She bullied me a lot, and one winter she stuffed a chunk of ice into my bag. My binder was soaked.

Than we were sitting on the bus together, three people, Person S, me, and EXAMPLE. Person S on the outside, me in the middle, and EXAMPLE next to the window. As the person in the middle, I had nowhere to lean against, so I was sitting upright in a tight position. I was pretty skinny in Grade 4, so I barely took up any room. Person S’s stop was next, so she was perched on the edge of the seat, ready to get off. EXAMPLE had squished herself against the window. “WOW ICYBLUE. You’re taking up SO  much room! Look at me, squished against the window. look at Person S, she’s falling off the seat. Stop taking up so much room!” I pointed out that there was tons of room on either side of me, and she could just peel herself from the window and move over. So could Person S. EXAMPLE continued to yell at me for being “fat, and hogging all the room” Being the stupid, shy, easily-gets irritated, easily cries Grade 4 person I was, I didn’t say anything back. She made a big show of not inviting me to her birthday party. I personally don’t care; I hate bowling. But what hurt was how she bragged to everybody I wasn’t invited, “OMG, like it’s SUCKS that icyblue can’t go to my party!!”



I’m amazed if you’ve read this far… yeah, those are my problems. I hate EXAMPLE now…